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Account Coordinator

The Account Coordinator provides overall day-to-day customer service and support to ensure
the effective execution of customer’s printing projects. Duties include project tracking,
proactive communication with clients and entering estimates & orders. Most of your time
is focused on the administrative side of managing accounts

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Graphics & Sign Finisher

Finishing is the final step in print production. After printing, all signs and graphics go through this
department to be crafted into the final product. This includes but is not limited to hand cutting,
laminating, routing and assembling. The primary responsibility of a General Finisher is to execute
finishing procedures including the set up and operation of finishing equipment. There might be an area
of concentration such as lamination or routing. The goal of a finisher is to complete all assigned jobs by
the due date on the job ticket while maintaining quality standards set by the production manager.

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Large Format Digital Print Operator

The Large Format Print Operator is primarily responsible for operation and maintenance of
large format print equipment for a wide variety of projects.

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Employees at Vivid Ink Graphics 

have Varying Talents

Our working day combines the latest software, hardware, and some good old-fashioned hand tools. Depending on your position, you can be assured that no two days are alike. if you’re looking for a position, give us a call. Let us know your skills and how you’d help our team! Not all jobs are listed, some are made just for you!

Hand Crafted 

Every Single Day

Are you good with your hands? 
Are you a skilled craftsman? 
We’re always looking for mature, responsible workers that are dependable and who learn quickly. 
Check with us, there just might be a home for you right here!

Demanding Jobs Require 

Demanding Talent

Job security comes in 5 color presses, 2 color presses, letterpress, digital flat bed printers, digital roll printers, digital cutters, there is a lot of skill under our roof and if you think you’re up to the task, apply to become one of us. We’re looking for men and women who want careers- not jobs. Our long term plans need dedication, loyalty, and the desire to stay till the job is compete.