A Spatial Expression that's Custom By Nature

We know that every great design has a story behind it. More than just a print service, Vivid Ink offers a wide variety of custom interior coverings for walls, windows and furnishings. We take the visions of interior designers, architects, contractors, commercial builders and creative agencies and make them a reality. From the robust selection of materials to our design capabilities, we create engaging interior experiences that breathe life into every space.


High Quality
Substrates & Printing

Efficient & Timely


Express Your Space

We embrace the curiosity of spatial design. A space from Vivid Ink will create an eye catching interior environment that captures your unique expression. The local nature of our company and our timely service makes it easy for you to work directly with our design professionals as we bring your vision to life in any space.

Vivid Ink provides a Turn-key Process


Before your space comes to life, our Vivid Ink team will meet with you to get a better understanding of your project needs. We’ll build out a high-level concept for the space, either using an idea you bring us or collaborating with you to create an idea from scratch.



Armed with a strong concept, we work with you to create a customized design that expresses your culture. We explore a variety of opportunities to make every aspect of your space unique and compelling.



Once the design is finalized, Vivid Ink will produce all pieces of your project using state-of-the-art equipment that ensures consistent and vibrant colors. We produce all projects in a timely manner and on the highest quality substrates.



Vivid Ink will see your project through to the end, installing your coverings and transforming your concept into reality. View our portfolio to see how Vivid Ink can bring your space to life.