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VIG needed to make a big splash at the Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference.


VIG’s marketing department created an attention-grabbing exhibit using the VIG logo shape on a multi color stegosaurus. By using the global attraction the public has with dinosaurs, the exhibit was attractive and guaranteed to be unique.


VIG contracted with the conference to sponsor the registration desk as well, giving VIG two opportunities to showcase their colorful blast from the past. Pre-show mailers were sent to select attendees to invite them to booth 13. Each mailer contained a smaller version of the dinosaur that they could assemble as a keepsake. This two-pronged approach increased the chance that prospects would be mindful of the larger exhibit when seen, and reminded to visit booth 13.


By creating a unique design, VIG stood out from their competition and increased the possibilities of a favorable outcome.  

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The Vivid-saurus was an unequalled success, with attendees thoroughly impressed with the creativity and uniqueness. This admiration left an impression by the attendees that Vivid Ink Graphics is unique and worthy of consideration.

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We wanted to stand out at the Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference. By touting our creativity in a colorful and creative way, we established a stark visual contrast between our approach and our peers. Rather than erect a tabletop display, we used the tools at our disposal to make a one-of-a-kind impression. With only 5 seconds to make an impact - you need to push the envelope if you want tradeshow success. Preshow mailers of small dinosaur kits further increased visibility by encouraging attendees to visit our location. By using this display at other corporate functions, we'll further the impact and continue to be a vivid choice for prospective clients.

Michael Huye, Marketing Director / National Sales Director

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