Ben's Soft Pretzels, New Look, New Results.


Ben’s Soft Pretzels, an Indiana-based franchisor with locations across the Midwest, needed a marketing fulfillment provider to support their national expansion. Having already broken the regional barrier with stores in Kentucky, Alabama and Florida, national expansion was imminent.

As with most franchisors, their marketing department was occupied with the needs of 85 locations which are a mixture of outlet locations, strip centers, farmer’s markets, malls and stadium locations. Their agreement with Walmart and Meijer stores greatly boosted their growth. With plans to launch two stores a month for the foreseeable future, the importance of finding a trusted partner with the flexibility to match the need of these various locations was mounting daily.


More than submit a list of products and prices for various needs of Ben’s locations, Vivid Ink Graphics proposal invested fully in Ben’s Soft Pretzel’s vision for the future and offered 26 years of retail marketing wisdom to the brand with the desire of moving forward.

Vivid Ink Graphics’ brand review included brand identity and location enhancement suggestions. These design ideas assisted Ben’s marketing department by illuminating areas for subtle improvement which would bolster the brand in a fiercely competitive arena.

Specific solutions for print-on-demand and monthly specials were managed through Vivid Ink Graphics’ Brand Management System which hosts Ben’s custom online portal allowing 24 hour access for owners and managers while ensuring brand consistency across their various locations.


The solutions offered by Vivid Ink Graphics’ assisted Ben’s internal efforts with brand revisions and updated designs for future locations. Ben’s is marketing the Amish wholesomeness of their baked goods in a fresh and modern style and the brand’s logo is set to become a national icon.

Services Offered

Brand Management System
Point of Purchase
Retail Graphics


Ben’s Soft Pretzels has control of their national expansion at their fingertips. Owners at Ben’s locations may use their computers, phones or tablets to order the items needed for their location 24 hours a day, freeing them to focus on customer satisfaction.

The Brand Management System offers complete control of the marketing content with design templates which allow customization for local managers.

Ben’s has no worries about deliveries being on time or if their material will be of quality. Vivid Ink Graphics’ systems, production processes and staff guarantee a perfect result each and every order.

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From day one, Vivid Ink Graphics invested in our vision. Their brand identity review and new store design solutions greatly impacted the plans for our new locations. Our custom portal has formed the foundation for our current and future fulfillment needs. Vivid Ink Graphics raised a bar that no other vendor could match.

Jillian Koeneman, Vice President, Marketing

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